March 28, 2017

Vegan Restaurant Review: LOV by Jessica

With the number of vegans on the rise, Tiffany and I decided to give this lifestyle a try by visiting LOV, a vegan restaurant located in Old Montreal.  
As we stepped into the restaurant, we fell in love with its minimalist design and super comfy hanging chairs.
The menu offered a large variety of vegan dishes. LOV definitely has something for everyone as they serve everything from vegan poutine to healthy salads.

We started our meal with kimchi fries and a poutine, followed by a burger and risotto. We were a little worried that the taste would be compromised because everything was vegan, but we were pleasantly surprised as everything was delicious. 
We ended our meal on a sweet note with a nice cup of vegan matcha latte. 
I would definitely recommend LOV to anyone wanting to give vegan food a try. It's a really trendy restaurant and the perfect place to catch up with your girlfriends. 

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