May 23, 2016

Museum Getaway by Tiffany

After my finals, my brain was so dead. I wanted to go to somewhere that was quiet and that was not the library (it was my second home for a whole week so...) Since the Fine Arts Museum had an exhibition, I decided to go check it out. 

The decoration was so aesthetically pleasing and everything was minimalist, The main colors were white and light blue. Even though it was one of those rare sunny days in Montreal, I decided to spend my day inside.  

The atmosphere was so welcoming. Everywhere was clean and quiet. Slowly walking through the rooms and hallways while listening to music was really refreshing, especially with the last days spent sitting and studying. I learned a lot about art styles and history looking at the sculptures and paintings. It was a really fun type of learning compared to reading notes and listening to lectures in class. 

Even when I was tired of walking, I would just sit on a couch in the middle of a room full of ancient paintings and stare at them while taking a rest. The museum was so big and I did not have the time to explore every single room, but I will definitely go again. 

After this day, I felt so relieved and even stopped worrying about my upcoming final grades for a while. I never thought that walking in a museum would be so therapeutic, maybe even more than my shopping sprees...

top: SheIn
Shorts: Banana Republic
Flats: Naturalizer
Bag: Aldo
Sunglasses: Aldo
Watch: The Fifth

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