July 12, 2016

Travel Bag Essentials by Jessica

For the past month or so, I've been travelling through Asia (travel post coming soon!) and have had my fair share of flights. I definitely do not miss spending hours sitting in a tiny chair in a vehicle packed with people, but flying is a necessary evil. So here's what I carry in my bag to make the ride slightly more enjoyable.


Yes, sunscreen. Although you're not spending your time outdoors, you're still exposed to sun rays trough portholes and should protect your skin from premature wrinkles and skin cancer. Despite being pretty light, this sunscreen from Beauty By Earth contains lots of oils and can double as a moisturizer in the drying airplane air. 


Headphones are definitely a must when flying. They're the perfect solution to wailing babies and annoying neighbours. They also come in handy for watching movies.


This is probably the most important thing in my bag. You'll need them to fill entry cards. (or to play tic tac toe)


A tip for you nearsighted gals (or guys): do not wear contacts on flights. Dry air and contacts just don't go together. Plus, you don't want to take nap and wake up with itchy eyes.

5.Portable Charger

I always carry one with me because what's worse than being stuck on a plane with a dead phone? This one from Pisen carries me through multiple charges.


Since I struggle to fall asleep on planes, I like to carry my laptop with me to work on assignments or to watch movies. (laptop skin from here)

And last but not least, I carry it all in this tote from Aldo.

Have a safe flight!

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