November 10, 2016

Business Casual by Tiffany X JingYi

In honor of our school's networking event, we decided to dress up to go along the business casual theme. We have all struggled to conform to dress codes, especially the ones that mix and match two styles. For this occasion, we decided to put together two different outfits, one more on the casual side and the other, more professional.


Since we still had a long day of school before the event, I wanted to stay comfortable. I decided to wear a really soft black t-shirt with black leggings. The bipolar temperature in Montreal forces me to be ready to withstand both the cold and the heat at the same time (which explains my obsession with layers). To add some bling to my outfit, I decided to go for marble framed reflective sunglasses and a minimal marble stone necklace with gold detailing. And of course, my favorite blazer on top of everything for the night's event.

As for the event, I was able to meet professionals from the two fields in which I am interested. They answered my never-ending questions and gave me a lot of advice that would definitely be useful in the future. P.S. We also had amazing drinks and food, which made the whole night even better!

Now, time to pass it over to my style inspiration (I want her closet) and friend JingYi. You can follow her on Instagram here!

Outfit details
-Shirt: Zara
-Blazer: Chapter One
-Leggings: Garage
-Shoes: Alexander McQueen
 -Necklace: ALDO

JingYi (@jijikwok)

Now, those who know me are well aware that I have a thing for trench coats, not only because your outfit can somewhat look put together (and yet have put very little effort into it), but also because it is made out of a waterproof material, perfect for a rainy season. In honor of my college's annual networking event, I decided to wear a white blouse with a leaf print on it, a compromise between a formal and a casual attire. To top it off, I threw a black blazer on my shoulders, which, with the navy pants, put together the whole outfit. Also, instead of wearing high heels and kill my feet at school, I opted for ankle boots, which is waaaay more comfortable for walking around school all-day and perfect for the season.

About the networking event, it was a relaxing and enriching night, and I should say that the speakers convinced me to pursue what I have in mind... but the future will decide for itself.

A pleasure to share this with you; I sincerely hope you enjoyed it too. Stay beautiful fashionistas! x

JIJI - @jijikwok

Outfit details
-Boots: Steve Madden
-Dress shirt: Dynamite
-Blazer: Jacob
-Trench Coat: Calvin Klein
-Rings: Forever21
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