December 31, 2016

Sneakers Lookbook

In the midst of our cold winter break and the upcoming new year, we decided to reminisce and bring to surface the photos from our favorite photo shoot, which were taken during the summertime. The goal was to curate a sneakers look book. Indeed, sneakers have evolved from simply being a workout must-have to an everyday fashion accessory. In this post, we'll show you three ways to stay fashionable, yet comfortable all day. 


I'm not typically a girl who likes to wear only black and white, but I decided to venture out of my comfort zone for this look. I decided to pair a lace-detailed kimono with a bolder ensemble underneath. To balance everything out and add a slight touch of color, I went with nude sneaker wedges for my shoes.

 To accentuate my outfit, I added a delicate purple pendant and silver sunglasses.
As a final touch, I put on my black cross body bag that is big enough to hold all my belongings.


Outfit details:
- Kimono: Sirens
- Top: Forever 21
- Shorts: H&M
- Bag: Aldo
- Sunglasses: Aldo
- Sneakers: Aldo
- Necklace: Swarovski


I decided to put together an outfit that can go from casual to athletic in a matter of minutes.
To do so, I kept the athletic wear simple with a sports bra and a pair of black shorts under the skirt. Then, I topped it off with a sheer jacket, perfect for the chilly summer nights. And of course, all this matching my black and white sneakers.

As for accessories, I went for classic black sunnies with a gold frame, an elegant watch and a choker to add some edge to the outfit.

Outfit Details
- Jacket: China
- Sports Bra: Calvin Klein
- Skirt: American Apparel
- Sneakers: Nike
- Choker: China
- Bag: Calvin Klein
- Sunglasses: Simons
- Watch: The Fifth Watches


For my outfit, I kept it very simple. Inspired by the colours on my sneakers, I decided to keep the outfit black and white with a pair of black distressed shorts and a white halter top.

To add a little bit of color back to the outfit, I accessorized it with a pair of blue reflective sunnies.

Finally, since it can get pretty chilly at night, I finished off my outfit with a black bomber.

Outfit Details
- Top: H&M
- Shorts: Japan
- Sneakers: China
- Choker: ALDO
- Sunglasses: ALDO
- Jacket: Topshop

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